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Mighty Ballers

From 4.5 to 5.5 years

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Saturdays and Sundays 

11.10am - 12pm

4.5 to 5.5 years

Independent classes

Free trial session available

The Goffs Academy
Goffs Lane
Hertfordshire EN7 5QW

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Thank you for creating such a nurturing environment where our little ones can thrive and develop a love for the beautiful game


Social, Emotional & Cognitive

  • Good peer interaction and participation in class. 
  • Develops a strong sense of identity within the group. 
  • Understands basic concepts of team play. 
  • Awareness of surroundings improves. 
  • Actively involved in creative play.

Physical Capabilities

  • Children are aware of themselves in the environment. 
  • Basic ability to travel with the ball where they choose. 
  • Children demonstrate understanding of control and can exercise control in their movements.

Football Specific

  • Able to keep the ball relatively close to the body while moving. 
  • Develops good directional dribbling skills and strong striking skills. 
  • Can stop a slow moving ball. 
  • Can start to volley / half volley. 
  • Able to hold the stop position and move the ball with their sole.